Refund Policy

  1. In you are unable to attend class after payment, a $50 cancellation fee applies. If you cancel more than 30 days in advance, no fee applies.
  2. If class is cancelled by the Urban Survival Syndicate, class fees will be refunded or credited to the make-up class..

Terms & Conditions


By registering to attend a class taught by the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE:

YOU agree to follow all safety instructions. YOU agree to sign the disclaimer and follow the all safety instructions and policies while attending training.

By registering and paying to attend a class:

YOU agree to arrive on time for the posted class start time.

YOU agree to follow all directions and procedures during class regarding class arrival and conduct.

YOU agree that all firearms will remain unloaded until instructed to load by the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE.  No round in chamber, no magazine in handgun.

YOU certify that you are a U.S Citizen or Legal Resident and can thus legally conduct tactical training in accordance with Department of State ITAR regulations.

YOU certify that you are not a convicted felon and can legally own, possess and operate any firearms that you either bring to, or rent, at class.

YOU are assuming all responsibility for the legality of a specific item you bring to class.

YOU are responsible for checking all local laws before bringing or using an item at the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE events.

YOU are responsible for complying with all firearms laws in Virginia.

YOU agree to bring the specified equipment necessary for the class, including any firearms and ammunition, unless by prior arrangements with the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE have been made.


Safety:  A safety brief will be given before any training is conducted.

Tactical & firearms training has the potential to be dangerous, causing serious injury and even fatalities if safety procedures are not properly adhered to.  And despite taking all safety measures, accidents do happen when humans are involved.

YOU confirm that you will adhere to the training safety procedures and instructions as briefed prior to and during training.

Fitness: Tactical training requires a basic level of mobility.  If you have specials needs, please contact the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE prior to class.

Medical: Ensure you are medically fit to attend a tactical training course.  If you have specials needs, please contact the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE prior to class.

Alcohol: Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed during the training day and anyone who shows up under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to train.  Do not arrive under the influence.

Drugs: There is zero tolerance for any illegal substances.  Additionally, individuals that appear to be under the influence of performance impairing substances (whether prescription, over the counter or unlawful) will not be permitted to train.

Criminal Activity / Civil Disorder: It is not the intent of the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE to provide training that will be used in criminal activities, to further criminal ends or to further civil disorder. Training is solely provided to law abiding persons for the purposes of tactical self-defense.  If you have a criminal record that prevents the possession of firearms you are not permitted to attend firearms training.

You agree that your intent to only use the skills and tactics taught by the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE for self-defense.

Removing Students from Class/Training: the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE reserves the right to withhold or terminate training to particular individuals at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to: non-trainable safety violations, inability to follow range safety directions, disrupting class, endangering other students, or posing a liability risk to the URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE.

Age Policy: There is no upper age limit.  Students must be at least 18.  Exceptions will be considered, case by case.  The requirement for anyone under 18 is parental supervision, that they have a mature teachable attitude, and that they are competent at weapons manipulation prior to the day of class.  Third-party recommendations will be necessary.

Conditions of Use

The URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE and its associates provide their services to you subject to the following conditions. If you visit or book classes within this website, you accept these conditions. Please read them carefully.

The URBAN SURVIVAL SYNDICATE follows all State and Federal laws regarding the sale of training/products to people in those states if restrictions apply.


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